Keith Madsen is a new voice in inspirational fiction, writing fiction that lifts you up, but is not preachy; fiction that has a Christian foundation, but draws on the insights of other faiths; fiction where the characters are real, but who take on the biggest challenges of our world. Keith believes that inspirational fiction, to be truly inspirational, must first acknowledge the hard realities of life. In his books, as in life, people die, not just the evil people, the ones brought into being seemingly for the sole purpose of dying and validating a world of justice; but the good people as well -- children with cancer, kindly grandpas, leaders fighting crime and injustice. The inspirational aspect comes not from such deaths left as cold realities, but as they become seeds which lead to the renewal of life, or as Christians have always called it, to resurrection.  

Keith writes fiction which combines some of the lyrical description of literary fiction with the plot-driven tensions of a thriller. While the central character in his novels is generally male, strong women also play important roles. You will find yourself really liking the people you meet on the journey. Keith is currently writing short stories based on homeless persons he met while serving at a church with a ministry feeding the homeless in Portland, Oregon. He is also rewriting SEARCHING FOR EDEN, updating it to deal with ISIL and the tension with Iran over nuclear power. And finally he is working with Liliana Davalle on a non-fiction book which thinks outside the box on the issue of abortion and choice. That's a lot of writing! But since he loves to write, it's not difficult, it's a work of love!

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