The Sons and Daughters of Toussaint (Click here for more info)

​In my commercial fiction novel with an historical backdrop, The Sons and Daughters of Toussaint, Isaac Breda seeks to renew the revolution of his famous forefather, Toussaint Louverture. He is depressed that a revolution which had so much potential, and which had cost so much, had so little to show for it. He resolves to start a non-violent revolution to make their freedom real. In the first half of the novel, the story is told by alternating chapters between historical sections, telling the story of Toussaint and his compatriots, and contemporary sections, where Isaac seeks to renew Toussaint’s spirit..  

Isaac’s story intersects with that of his best friend’s beautiful sister,                      Marie-Noëlle. At first she is mainly focused on moving to the United                  States and making her fame and fortune in modeling. But her                            character develops into a powerful agent of change herself. When                      Isaac dies at the hands of entrenched interests in Haiti, the           
revolution falls on her shoulders. The immense challenge       
 transforms both her and her country.

               "One of the best novels you will read in 2020." - Brian H from Denver

               "Obsessed with the book!... Sooo is there going to be a second
                book?"                    – Taylor J, Alaska

              "I found the characters insightful and endearing." – Rachel P. on

The Bridles of Armageddon (Click here to learn more)

The nation's cultural war turns bloody as a right-wing demagogue believes he is God's agent to start Armageddon. Tired of what they perceive to be the nation's fall from righteousness, millions line up behind him, and the results quickly move beyond terrorism to full-scale war. Drew Covington, a nationally-syndicated conservative columnist; and Shawna Forester, a liberal school-teacher are caught up in the resulting struggle, and must decide where they stand. Must their nation and world be rent apart in an effort to bring heaven to earth? 

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