During the last year or so, much of  my emphasis in writing has been in my short stories. Most of these are stories based on some homeless people I met while on pastoral staff at the First Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon. In writing these stories I have attempted to accurately reflect street life, while at the same time I have sought to envision what hope might look like for persons who have lost nearly everything. The title of this collection is Fallen Angels: Stories Inspired by the Urban HomelessI have also written various other stories. In all of them I seek to combine humor with insight into the human condition. The following are some of the stories I am presently seeking to market:


The Body Double -- Based on an old woman who claimed that when she was young, she was a stand-in for Judy Garland. Is she telling the truth or is she just a crazy homeless person? (Published in ADELAIDE magazine, 12/15)

Getting Lost (Click title for sample) -- A teenage girl who took to the streets because of domestic abuse, seeks to reconnect with a new kind of family.

Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain -- (Click title for sample) A Native American with only one leg, but a vivid imagination, seeks to rediscover his heritage as a Nez Perce. (To be published soon by Short Story America.)

The Mission -- An Iraq veteran with PTSD is helped by friends to reconnect with his present reality. 

The Top of the World -- A homeless man who spends his days in the library and only speaks in poetry learns to care for people as much as he does for books. (Published in ADELAIDE magazine, 10/15)

The Way of Dreams -- A homeless rock star wannabe has to decide whether to ever hope again or not.


Campaign Interrupted -- Political satire where US Presidential candidates find themselves on an island reminiscent of Alice's Wonderland. (Published in the Summer  2014 issue of MOBIUS: THE JOURNAL OF SOCIAL CHANGE.)

Where Secrets Go to Hide -- When as a child you are expected to keep some awful, traumatic secrets, what do you do?  (Published in TALKING RIVER.)

Pursued by Satan -- A man who does not believe in Satan feels pursued by evil nonetheless. (Semi-finalist in NEW LETTERS CONTEST, 2015.)

My Short Stories
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