From 1970 to 2000, Lyman Coleman was considered to be the most influential developer of small group materials for church and faith-based small groups. Now such groups, along with many other fellowship and support groups have been hobbled by the Covid-19 pandemic. How do you "stay in touch" in a no-touch world? This material was specifically developed by myself and Lyman for that purpose! This book contains two years worth of material, for helping people feel closer, even when in virtual groups. By considering Bible passages in Genesis, Psalms, the Gospels and Acts, participants learn to see themselves in these stories and passages, and in the process use them to transform their lives in a caring fellowship. NOTE; This is not traditional Bible study -- examining the Bible in order to learn church doctrine. Rather it is relationship-centered-- opening the opportunity to honestly explore ourselves, our relationship to each other and our relationship to God. It is not just for "church people". It is for seekers of all kinds who want to explore their spirituality as part of a wholistic, centered life. And for groups that at some point transition back to in-person meetings? The material is easily adapted to that as well! It is recommended that each group member have their own copy so they can consider passages and topics ahead of time, as well as consider their responses more fully. Here are some topics and issues considered: (Genesis) "It is said that God created life as GOOD. Is it still good for you?" "God sought to use a flood to wipe out human violence from the earth. How do you deal with the violence around you?" "Joseph had his dreams. What are your dreams, and how have the affected your life?" (Psalms) "Sometimes the Psalmist got depressed about the lack of 'good' people in the world. But where have YOU found good people?" "In Psalm 22 David felt 'forsaken' by God. Have YOU ever felt that way?" "Psalm 38 says that God is near to 'the broken-hearted'. When have you felt broken-hearted? Where was God for you in that time?" "Psalms 46 speaks of not being afraid even when the world is falling apart. Does our world seem to be falling apart right now?' "The Song of Solomon actually celebrates sex! How are you doing reconciling your spirituality with your sexuality?" (Gospels) "Four friends went to great effort to take a man to Jesus for healing, even tearing down a roof in the process. How have friends sacrificed for YOU?" "On several occasions Jesus took the side of women who were condemned as 'sinful' by self-righteous men. When have you felt like 'religious' people were condemning YOU?" "In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus struggled with his approaching death, and felt abandoned by his friends. When have you felt abandoned in a moment of struggle?" "At the time of Jesus' resurrection, his followers' first reaction was doubt. Where do you fall right now on the faith-doubt continuum?" (Acts) "In Lystra Paul and others were treated like gods and not allowed to be human. When have you felt people (or you, yourself) were not allowing you to be human?" "Women took positions of leadership in the early church. When have you felt like gender roles and stereotypes have sought to limit you?" These are just a sample of the life issues your group will consider and coalesce around. Available for $12.99 at Amazon.
Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Keeping in Touch in a No-Touch World
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