The Bridles of Armageddon is a different type of fiction than is generally out on the market. It has religious themes at its heart, and yet, unlike most Christian fiction, it neither tries to paint the world in black and white, nor gives it a rose-colored hue. The characters are real. The spiritual concerns which the book wrestles with are spiritual concerns shared with church-goers, spiritual seekers, and those disenchanted with the traditional church: Is there a God who wants this world to be better than it is? If a judgment is coming, will all but the most conservative Christians really be "left behind" to be destroyed in fiery judgment, or is there a more positive vision humanity can cling to?

In The Bridles of Armageddon you will meet intriguing characters, including:
  • E.J. Conrad -- He is an old university professor who loves to point out that God never asked for a vote when he had biblical characters like Moses and Elijah wipe out their godless opposition. Yet the old professor earnestly longs for a world for his granddaughter that is safe from molestation, abuse and other evils of the postmodern world.
  • Brian Marshall -- a young man who in a moment of passionate support for Conrad, kills his own father. His efforts to find his redemption for this act bring him head-to-head with his former mentor.
  • Drew Covington -- a conservative newspaper columnist, at first he sees many reasons to agree with Conrad. But then the blood starts to flow.
  • Shawna Forrester -- A liberal schoolteacher, she fights Conrad from the beginning. But as love grows between her and Drew, both find they have to listen to each other and fight for a more peaceful option than Conrad offers.

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The Bridles of Armageddon