The Bible tells us that God made this world good, indeed very good. But somewhere along the way we have developed a callousness which the Bible calls "sin," and in the process we have lost our way, lost touch with the goodness of life. I conceived Searching for Eden as a search for the way back. A man who loses his daughter to cancer seeks to reclaim lost relationship. A teenage prostitute searches to reclaim the lost innocence of a childhood left prematurely. And a young Iranian woman searches to reclaim a world where it is safe to be female. All search for a world that has the harmony and goodness of Eden. As I wrote this story, a song came to my mind again and again, a song from my young adult years which proclaimed, "We've got to get ourselves back to the Garden!"

My background research into this book was in three areas: (1) Biblically, I read and reread the story of the Garden of Eden, and I studied commentary on its meaning, and the meaning of associated biblical stories. As a Christian pastor with 36 years in Christian ministry, I have actually studied these texts for quite some time. I have also read the mythology of other cultures with similar stories; (2) I studied the archaeology of Eden, the places where archaeologists have searched as they have looked for possible locations of this primitive garden. Did it ever really exist? Readers will have to determine that for themselves. I have developed a power-point program for churches and other groups who would like to explore this area of research. Contact me if you are interested!; and (3) I studied about Iran and Islamic cultures around the Persian Gulf. Particularly helpful in this study was the book, Culture Shock! A Guide to Customs and Etiquette -- Iran by Maria O'Shea.

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