​The idea behind this title is that, while people sometimes speak of a middle-ground position as "safe" and "inoffensive", the reality is that, in the matter of abortion and choice, where those at both ends of the spectrum might attack you. They accuse you of "sitting on the fence" and they seek to impale you on that fence. But "on the fence" is where most people in this country are. 

The book will look at abortion and choice from biblical and theological perspectives, as well as medical and constitutional perspectives. It will take into account contributions from the Women's movement, recent studies in fetology, and recent legislation on state and federal levels. We are calling our position "Stewardship of Life." Whether from a theological position or a humanitarian one, we should consider ourselves stewards of life. As stewards of life on this planet, we need to revere both the life we partner to conceive and the life of persons already born, so that as Albert Schweitzer said, we can "enable whatever life we can to attain its highest development." 

Presently the development of this book is in a hiatus until Keith can find a qualified female co-author, and a publisher.
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The Impaling Fence: Exploring the Treacherous Middle Ground on abortion and Choice