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Keith Madsen is a writer and minister who has served churches in Kansas, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey. Since December of 2015 he has been "retired" (which means he is only working at THREE jobs - working for AmeriCorps, teaching young people about the opioid pandemic, teaching kids chess,  and working more exclusively on writing and promoting his writing.) Oh, well, to write about life you have to be fully immersed in life!  

Keith also has taken five trips to Haiti to help build an elementary school there, experiences which have contributed to the writing of his novel, The Sons and Daughters of Toussaint. In this novel chess also plays a role, affirming that it is the "pawns" in life who often make the crucial difference in history.  

Keith has had a love of writing all of his life. He has used his writing talents in a variety of ways, including writing fiction, and writing plays for use in church and community theater. He has also done some acting himself, having particularly enjoyed playing the roles of Jack (C.S.) Lewis in Shadowlands, Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and Porfiry in Crime and Punishment. This background in drama has helped him both with character development and his dramatic touch in writing novels. Keith finds that being part of characters come alive is one of his greatest life pleasures. 

Keith's non-fiction writing has included writing He is currently working with small group guru Lyman Coleman to produce a series of booklets for use in virtual faith-based groups during the time of "social distancing".  We are calling this series Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Keeping in Touch in a No-Touch World. Watch for it to be available soon!

Keith lives in East Wenatchee, Washington with his wife Cathy (pictured with Keith). Together they have four adult daughters (Jennifer, Angela, Carina and Kayla), an adult son (Brandon), and ten grandchildren.